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Are you a lover of the gaming world? if yes then you will love this new revolutionary earphone. In the world of high-intensity FPS. TPS and fast-paced racing games. you need a competitive advantage to take down your enemies.

Meet GAMO, the world's first exclusive gaming experience with 3d Recutting Audio, you can truly hear your surroundings for the first time.

GAMO is revolutionary because it tracks and locates critical sound details and deliver this information to your ears with a powerful dual-driver system. These details will help you find enemies, Accelerate your decision- making and improve your chance of winning.

With GAMO'S technology, feel like you have entered the digital world and truly immerse yourself in the game for the first time. Hear everything on the X-Y and Z axis and hear everything even things outside your field of vision.

What's the Difference

  • This 3d virtual algorithm is based on two sound sources-the left and right earpiece.
  • Although the traditional virtual algorithm is based on seven or five sources, your headphones can only pump out two of these fields (left and right), making it impossible to sense direction accurately
  • Sound positioning is cranked out imprecisely by only separating the low, mid and high frequencies. This misses all of the essential frequencies you need to hear for an immersive experience.
  • The algorithm individually processes different sound into genres including footsteps, gunshots, and surrounding sounds. The system renders the rich details of the game world and creates a virtual audio space, Allowing you to pinpoint every sound with dynamic accuracy. You will hear better, further, even differentiating the change of distance of your enemies.

  Dual drivers

  • Most gaming headsets only use single driver technology, This essentially makes them one-trick devices and will fall to deliver the user an immersive, multi-directional sound
  • A dual driver is a superior setup because they offer detailed layer separation, can produce sound at high volume without distortion, and provide a dynamic range. In addition, audiophiles tout dual-driver headphones for their efficiency as the drivers work to separate different frequencies to each driver, resulting in an immersive, three dimensional sound experience. if you demand the best quality sound in your games, you need a dual driver system.

Three sound modes

         GAMO is the perfect all in one audio solution for anyone that takes their games seriously but also consume other forms of media. Built into GAMO  are three modes: 3D Game Mode, 3D Movie Mode, and Music Mode. Switch between the three modes on the fly for the perfect listening experience.


  • 3D Game Mode- GAMO gives you an edge on knowing where and what your enemies are doing. Allow your ears to pick out even the slightest details from footsteps to gunshots and environmental noises.
  • 3D Movie Mode- with 3D Cinema Mode, immerse yourself in your favorite movies and rediscover hidden audio clues you have never heard before.
  • 3D Music Mode- Once you hear your favorite songs with GAMO, you will never want to use another pair of earbuds again

Multi-Platform Support

  • With GAMO you don't need to purchase a Bluetooth receiver or deal with clumsy over-ear headset
  • GAMO is designed to work with the Nintendo switch, VR, xbox360, Xbox one, ps4, ps4 pro, and any mobile device with a 3.5mm headphone jack. The 3.5 mm audio adapter cable that comes in the box is required when used on pc or mac. Once you plug GAMO into your gaming system, it will convert the standard stereo sound into 3d surround sound-no extra software required.

Better communication

  • If you are tired to yell just so your teammates can hear you, you need GAMO and its built-in talk function. experience crystal clear communication and make sure that your team hears you loud and clear
  • GAMO is lightweight, accounts for the physical anatomy.and is perfect for long term use by reducing listening fatigue
  • The best system for on- the -go gaming-weather waiting in line, at the airport, in the car or wherever you go, take the ultimate gaming audio experience with you.

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