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Ultrasonic beauty instrument is a high-frequency oscillation of ultrasonic waves. It acts on the face to make the skin cells vibrate, soften the tissue, completely remove the aging keratin and block the pores, make up the makeup and make the excess oil discharge. It is not easy to grow acne, youth acne, etc.

Using a special shovel stainless steel head, By ultrasonic vibration make special beauty cleaning fluid or water is exquisite, atomization the cosmetic residue within the dirt, plugging in the pores and excess sebum emulsification, and as the spark splash eliminated To remove waste, corneous layer, adipose bead, acne, etc...

The cleaning effect more quickly, more effective. Let your skin better absorption, the nutritional ingredients in never waste, make your skin more healthy and bright, permeability is better.

 Slow metabolism of skin, coupled with the influence of ultraviolet (UV) causes melanin precipitation and the formation of dark spots, freckles. By ultrasonic oscillation, penetrate into deep inside the wool stoma, can deep clean your skin dirt, senescent cells, and corneous layer; Can effectively remove acne, blackhead acne. Accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism, fade spots.


  • Wide treatment range, good curative effect, quick effect, light and compact hand-held body and simple operation method.
  • Ultrasonic waves with a frequency of one megahertz can output 1 million vibrations per second. The output mode is divided into three sections: cleaning, importing and pulling.
  • Usage of time can be easily selected according to needs.
  • The beauty instrument probe is made of high-hardness pure stainless steel, which will not wear, rust and surface peeling.
  • New design to remove dead skin and dirt on the face by ultrasonic vibration.
  • Double functions of peeling keratin and iontophoresis for the nutrition of cosmetics.
  • Massage to relax and keep skin soft and smooth
  • Clean dark spots, eliminate wrinkles, shrink pores and exfoliator
  • Internal Li-Polymer Battery and USB interface for easy rechargeable
  • Protective case to keep and Portable
  • Simple operation but a perfect effect, all functions can be operated by touching one switch.


  1. Before and after use, please keep the instrument body and probe clean and disinfected.
  2. If your skin has a wound, eczema, swelling or shaving, please stop using it.
  3. Do not use this machine around the eyes and at the wounds.
  4. Children, pregnant women and people with different spirits should not use it.
  5. Use 1-2 times a day, do not use more than 15 minutes each time, the same part should not be used for more than 6 hours. The instrument has an automatic shutdown function. If you want to continue using it, please reboot.
  6. When the instrument is used, it will be squeaky due to the need to reach a good work. It is normal, please feel free to use it.


Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
Type: Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber
Weight: 134g
Color: White
Voltage: 5V
Current: 1A
Battery capacity: 3.7V 1000mAH
Using time: 2 hours
Charging time: 3 hours
Ultrasound Vibration Skin Peeling: Deep Cleansing, Exfoliating Scrub, Wrinkle Acne Remover
Face Skin Exfoliator: Tone Face Lifting
Anti Aging: Skin Rejuvenation Whitening
Microdermabrasion Beauty Machine: Dermabrasion Beauty Device

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